Cape Coral Land for Investment

Cape Coral is a sunny paradise located in Southwest Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. Buying Cape Coral land for investment is a wise investment choice as the area has experienced major growth in the past few years.  Cape Coral, is the largest city in Southwest Florida and a hot area for building and development. Investors looking to purchase and later sell their land for a high ROI will find Cape Coral an ideal investment location.

Property in Cape Coral really sells itself. The city is a close knit community that features the largest amount of freshwater and salt canals in the world. The 400 mile canal system weaves through the city and many canals eventually lead to the Gulf of Mexico making the city a popular spot for fishing, boating, water sports and wildlife viewing. The world class school system and multitude of parks including Sunsplash Water Park and The Cape Coral Yacht Club make the city a big draw for families.

When buying Cape Coral land for investment, remember that the city is divided into 4 main sections; Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest. The Southeast section of Cape Coral is by far the oldest and most developed area of the city. If you are looking for a great deal on land, look to purchase in the southwest, northeast or northwest area of town. Southwest Cape Coral is close the water, with many canal front properties having Gulf access. If you are looking for a country feel, buy in the Northwest Cape. The Northeast Cape has slowly become more developed with commercial locations popping up everywhere. This region still has a country feel, but offers many of the amenities found in the Southeast Cape as well.

No matter the region that you choose to purchase your Cape Coral land for investment, you can expect a high ROI from your purchase. Cape Coral was hit hard by the downturn of the real estate market in the late 2000’s and many land prices have hit rock bottom, meaning great deals can always be found.  The market has been on the rise as of late, making the time to buy now. Give a member of the 9 Core Realty Land Sales Team a call today at (239) 333-2221 to discuss available Cape Coral land for sale.

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