Cape Coral Lot Types

When adding to your investment portfolio or looking to build your Florida dream home, one of the best purchases you can make is a Cape Coral lot.  In Cape Coral, there are three main types of lots; freshwater, Gulf access and off water or dry lots.

Freshwater Lots:

Freshwater lots in Cape Coral provide a peaceful, serene setting and represent outstanding value for Florida waterfront property. Cape Coral offers more miles of canals than any other city in the world.  There are also numerous lakes to explore & fishing, nature and birding enthusiasts will enjoy the abundant native flora and fauna. Freshwater lots are available throughout Cape Coral and many connect to lakes.

Gulf Access Lots:

Cape Coral is home to over 200 miles of gulf access canals and offers the best gulf access value in Southwest Florida. Not all gulf access lots are created equal. Factors to consider when investing in a gulf access property include whether it is a direct access lot, which can accommodate a sailboat, or access is under a bridge or through a lock or lift. Another important consideration is the distance to the gulf. Access to the gulf can be very quick in Southwest Cape Coral or a bit longer in the more northern sections of the city. Also, many buyers prefer locations where both sides of the street have gulf access lots. Locations with intersecting canals and basins are also sought after.

Off-water Lots:

Cape Coral offers a wide variety of settings and neighborhoods and has an abundant supply of vacant lots. A standard Cape Coral lot is a quarter acre parcel measuring 80 feet wide by 125 feet deep. Oversized lots, commonly referred to as “triples,” measure 120 feet wide by 125 feet deep and can accommodate a larger home. Corner lots are often preferred due to increased home design possibilities.

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