Considerations When Buying Investment Land

Whether you are buying land for retirement, recreation, to build upon, or purely for investment, there are some basic things you need to know. The following are a few helpful tips on buying investment land.

1) Land Quality: Depending on the reasoning for buying land, land quality could affect the price and future worth of your property. For example think about land with qualities such as streams or rivers running through it, oceanfront land, lakefront land, land in the mountains and land with views. These types of land investments will probably be a higher end investment initially, but by the same token, a better investment for future value. The lesser the quality of land usually the longer it takes to increase in value and less enjoyable along the way.

2) Easements: It is important to check the Title report for easements that may have an effect on the worth and future worth of the land you are buying. If not dealt with before purchasing a property, easements can cause a huge hassle to any land investor. If some neighboring land parcel has an easement through the middle of your land for their access this could significantly affect the worth of your property.

3) Financing: There are many ways to finance land. Financing is usually a good way to go when you don’t want to tie up all your cash. Finance the land and put some money into improving the property right out of the gate! It is a good way to create some immediate worth. Many find seller financing is an excellent way to go when buying investment land. For many of our 9 Core realty land plots for sale, financing is available.

To learn more about buying investment land for sale, easements, financing and more, contact a member of the 9 Core Realty Land Sales Team at (239) 333-2221.

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