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9 Core Realty’s investment team works with investors, builders, and single lot buyers. We’ve worked with hedge funds and REIT’s, assembling portfolios to maximize ROI.  Our in-house sourcers are the land experts of Florida, with individuals specializing in different areas throughout the state.

Years of studying the markets and tracking sales activity has allowed us to create a vast database that instantly matches buyers to sellers.  Because of this one-of-a-kind business model, we’re able to offer unbeatable pricing, owner financing options, and customized land portfolio solutions.

When buying property, the details matter.  Our due-diligence on every property offers protection to our buyers.  All lots are sold with clear title.  Couple that with our detailed market and area knowledge, and you are sure to find the property you have been looking for.

If you are a serious investor, looking for an exceptional opportunity, a future home owner, looking for your dream location or just getting into real estate, and wanting to begin your own portfolio, we will help you to customize and facilitate all of your acquisition goals.

Land Sellers:Land Sellers

Are you interested in selling your land?  9 Core Realty works with investors and builders all over the world who are looking to buy YOUR land!  If we aren’t able to find a buyer for your property though one of these channels, we will then place your property into our mass marketing program.  Your property will be listed not only on the MLS, but on 100’s of Real Estate websites around the world.  Year after year, 9 Core Realty boasts the highest number of closed transactions on Zillow Florida-Wide.

In addition to our mass marketing, sellers can choose to add a special photo package to their listing.  We are partnered with Soaring Sky, one of the top commercial drone photographers in the USA.  Using their services, we offer the highest quality photography and videography services guaranteed to make your property stand out.


We work with Realtors all over the country, many of them have signed up for our “pre-market” lists.  In addition to the pre-market list, we also offer lists of properties under 10k, waterfront only, and other special interests lists.  Our inventory changes daily.


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